A large fire damaged several businesses in downtown Plainfield, New Jersey, Tuesday evening.

The blaze started at a shopping arcade near Watchung Avenue and Front Street at around 6:45 p.m. ET.

The fire destroyed several storefronts from adjacent buildings. No one was there in the buildings where the blaze started, and no injuries have been reported from this catastrophic event, according to News 12.

The area was blanketed with thick smoke. People who witnessed the situation detailed their terrifying experiences on social media and even posted videos from the scene.

"Fire tonight downtown in Plainfield.. had to leave we couldn't breath with all that smoke," a Facebook user wrote.

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Another user shared drone footage of the fire in a post.

This is Aerial video footage of the major fire downtown Plainfield. Courtesy of my husband, using his DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone. The fire is located on E. Front St. The flames seem to be coming from the...

Business owners who were affected by the fire spoke to ABC7 as firefighters battled the flames.

"It's heartbreaking. I know everything can be replaced but it's still a lot of years' worth of work," Mara Feldman, owner of La Hooka Jewelry, told the outlet.

Feldman witnessed her business being ravaged by the flames from across the street.

"My whole life is there but at least I'm alive and thank God that all my employees are fine," she added.

Although her store was destroyed, Feldman expressed gratitude that no one got caught up in the fire.

The source of the fire is yet to be determined, but investigators believe it began at Gold Star Jewelry, just four stores away from Feldman's business.

The outlet spoke to owner Karim Fransis who said, "All of the sudden the fire came and smoke and everything happened. They evacuated everybody out of the stores."

Fransis added that fires have become a prominent issue at this location.

"Every four to five years something like this happens," he said. "This is not the first one. Second one since here."

Family-owned and operated restaurant Bill's Luncheonette, XIOS retail store, some hair salons and a sports store are some of the businesses in close proximity to Gold Star Jewelry. The impact of the fire on these businesses is yet to be known.

In another recent fire-related incident, a blaze started at a pet daycare facility in Seattle earlier this month. More than 100 dogs and 7 workers were present inside the facility at the time. All of them were rescued, but some dogs required medical care and were treated at the local veterinary clinic.

Smoke rises from a fire at Guryong village in Seoul
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