A boa constrictor was caught on camera squeezing a wildcat in the middle on the road in Las Lajitas, Salta, Argentina.

According to reports, two men were walking on the road when they spotted the snake and the wildcat wrestling. They noticed that the reptile has squeezed the wildcat which was struggling to breathe. The two men managed to free the wildcat from the reptile’s grip.

Confirming the incident, Sole Rojas, a forest ranger, said, “Between two people they managed to unwrap the boa and release the animal. It is always a risk, but people in the area know how to manipulate wild animals and this boa is not venomous.”

Rojas added that the animals could have escaped from one of the three national parks in the area namely the National Park of El Rey, the natural park of Los Palmares or the national reservoir of Pizarro.

A video of the incident, released by the forest ranger Monday, showed the reptile coiling around the wildcat in the middle of the road. The cat was seen trying to free itself from the snake’s grip while yelping in pain.