In her book Wrestling the Hulk - My Life Against the Ropes and in interviews promoting the book, Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Hogan claims the wrestler had a homosexual relationship with male wrestler Brutus Beefcake.

Beefcake and Hogan's relationship goes back to the 1970s and even before their professional wrestling career. The two debuted in the professional wrestling scene around the same time and were even tag team partners.

At one point, the two were known was the Boulder Brothers.

Despite their long and close relationship, Hogan vehemently denied that the two were ever in an intimate homosexual relationship.

If any of that was true, I would admit it, and I was a homosexual I would embrace it. It's just so crazy to hear, so I have a real problem with it....If you're going to say I'm something that I'm not to try to ruin my career and my livelihood....I have to answer her back, Hogan told Us Weekly on Sunday.

Hogan has indeed answered back his ex-wife and her book.

Last Thursday, he filed an 18-page lawsuit in Florida that accused Linda Hogan of defamation.

The lawsuit claims Linda Hogan's accusations harmed the reputation of [Hulk Hogan], exposed him to distrust, hatred, contempt and ridicule, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Aside from claims that Hogan is homosexual, his ex-wife claims he tore her clothes, threw lamps, and held her down on the bed with his hands around her throat. Linda Hogan claims she was always afraid of being killed in one of her ex-husband's rages, according to Us Weekly.