• Hunter made the comments when "his cousin tried to set him up with her friends"
  • The text messages were recovered from a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter 
  • Hunter's cousin Caroline previously pled guilty to two separate charges of DUI and petit larceny

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter allegedly used a racial slur while referring to Asian women in a January 2019 text message to his cousin.

In a screenshot of a text message Hunter sent to Caroline Biden and first reported by Daily Mail, the first son used the term “yellow” when his cousin attempted to set him up with one of her friends.

“Do you want foreign or domestic,” Caroline asked, adding. “I can’t give you f—ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

“Domesticated foreigner is fine. No yellow,” Hunter responded.

The slur was uncovered from a laptop that Hunter allegedly abandoned in a repair shop in Delaware.

Reports of other such remarks by the Bidens have appeared before also. In 2006, Joe Biden joked that people cannot enter a 7-Eleven or Dunkin Donuts establishment unless they have an “Indian accent.”

Caroline, the daughter of the president’s brother James, has previously pleaded guilty to DUI in Pennsylvania, petit larceny in New York, and was arrested for attempting to hit NYPD officers amid a dispute over unpaid rent.

The recent revelation follows a series of other text conversations that showed the first son using the n-word multiple times to refer to his lawyer George Mesires, who is white.

“How much money do I owe you, because n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates,” Hunter allegedly said in one of the text messages also obtained by the tabloid. The publication also claimed Hunter sent a joke to Mesires that included the words “true dat n***a.”

The text messages were allegedly recovered from a laptop that Hunter left with John Paul Mac Isaac, a computer repairman from Wilmington, Delaware, in October. The repairman said Hunter identified himself when he left three liquid-damaged laptops, according to the Delaware News Journal.

Weeks before the 2020 election, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump's associate Rudy Giuliani, told Snopes that Isaac gave them a copy of the laptop’s hard drive. Giuliani then handed over the hard drive to the New York Post, which revealed email correspondence allegedly made between the younger Biden and Ukraine officials.

Authorities are yet to find conclusive evidence that the laptop did belong to Hunter.

The International Business Times cannot independently verify the authenticity of the screenshots of the text messages published by the Daily Mail.

Vice president Joe Biden with his sons Hunter (L) and Beau (R) during the 2009 inaugural parade of president Barack Obama
Vice president Joe Biden with his sons Hunter (L) and Beau (R) during the 2009 inaugural parade of president Barack Obama GETTY IMAGES / DAVID MCNEW