• A man in India beat his wife after the latter took away his phone
  • The wife was jealous because the man received "likes" from multiple women on social media
  • The man was warned not to beat his wife again; the woman was told not to misinterpret things

A man in the Indian state of Gujarat, who received a lot of "likes" from multiple women on social media, beat his wife last week after she took his phone over the online interactions.

The Vadodara couple, both of whom were unnamed, got into an argument last Friday after the woman became jealous of her husband receiving "likes" from many women on his personal social media account and stole his phone, newspaper The Times of India reported.

The wife noticed that her husband's social media posts would get numerous "likes" minutes after they were shared online, according to the outlet.

The pair's discourse escalated and the man reportedly proceeded to beat his wife during the argument.

The wife called the Abhayam women's helpline in response to the beating and sought for help regarding her husband's assault.

Responding counselors arrived at the couple's home in the Atladara area and attempted to mediate between the couple upon discovering the cause of the incident.

"Firstly, we warned the man to not beat his wife again or else he will have to face the law," a counselor was quoted as saying,

"And we told the woman to not misinterpret anything of what she notices on social media," the counselor added.

However, the woman insisted that she should be allowed to openly talk to her husband should there be questionable interactions on his social media posts.

A similar incident happened in Brazil in February when an "angry" wife fatally shot a woman who was sitting next to her husband in a bar.

Dayane Rodrigues, 31, was caught on camera barging inside a pub in Tiangua on Feb. 18 and opening fire inside the establishment.

One of the bullets struck 26-year-old Djaiane Batista Barro in the head, while a 24-year-old man seated at another table also sustained a bullet wound to one of his hands. The latter was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but the former died on the spot.

Rodrigues was later arrested over the incident and police discovered it had been carried out on impulse. She told investigators during an interrogation that she was "angry" her husband was visiting the pub, which was infamous for being frequented by escorts.

The wife claimed she did not mean to kill anyone and that she did not personally know the victims. Rodrigues also told officers that she fired randomly to "disperse" the table where her husband was seated.

Rodrigues was investigated for homicide and bodily injury. She was not associated with any crimes prior to the shooting, police said.

Representation. A woman allegedly took away his husband's phone after she noticed his social media posts were receiving "likes" from women online. Pixabay