“Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder had a rough Friday when his Twitter account was hacked. Off filming his new movie, “The Anomaly,” the actor was fortunate enough to have dedicated fans warn him about the prankster.

“Dear @IanSomerhalder, according to the entirety of the Twitter world on my mentions, you’ve been hacked. Dear world, ignore his tweets,” “Vampire Diaries” Executive Producer Julie Plec posted early this morning.

While the actual tweets posted by the hacker have since been deleted, ContactMusic.com has described them as “strange.” When Somerhalder discovered that his account had been hacked, things took a pretty hilarious turn -- the “Vampire Diaries” actor actually struck up a conversation with the intruder. Instead of being angry and sending a nasty message, Somerhalder sent him or her a pretty polite one. Check out the exchange below:

Once Somerhalder regained control of his Twitter account, he took the time to thank his followers. “In other great news – I LOVE YOU PEOPL! THANKS FOR HELPING ME ;) Love, The REAL Ian,” he posted. The actor added that he was heading off to continue filming “The Anomaly.”

“The Anomaly” is about a traumatized ex-soldier who “wakes up in the back of a van, alongside a kidnapped boy, to find that he only has nine minutes and 37 seconds of consciousness to work out why and how he got there.” Somerhalder will be starring alongside Alexis Knapp, Brian Cox and Luke Hemsworth (older brother to Chris and Liam Hemsworth).