“We want people to invest in their world with their values,” says Igor Sheremet, the co-founder of Qooore. Qooore

So you think investing is only about making money, and you can easily use the internet to learn the basics well enough to navigate through your options. If so, you are woefully misguided on the first point and out-and-out wrong on the second, as Qooore co-founder Igor Sheremet earnestly explains in this exclusive interview for our Social Capital section.

Igor is candid about the inspiration for their investment app. “We figured out that people needed this Because we needed this,” he says. “We were starting to think, a couple of years ago, discussing … how hard [it is] to find knowledge and understand it.” In spite of popular apps that purport to fill this void. He illustrates this with an anecdote about Qooore’s gamified education tool, “Robin who? Robin you.”

It’s the “understanding” that Igor really gets into, as he explains how and why the Qooore team actually talks with their audience to learn where they trade, where they want to trade, what ideas they have and where they’re finding their ideas, to help them filter the good advice from the bad. “According to Latham Research, 38% of Gen Z is getting their financial advice from TikTok. That’s crazy,” he says.

Igor’s explicitly evident passion is raising awareness of how investment can be a strong force for good and for change when aligned with the investor’s values – which is why knowledge is crucial. “People started forgetting what the whole idea is of investing,” he says, noting it’s not only about making money but that companies are looking for support.

“We want people to invest in their world with their values,” he says. “And supporting countries and industries that they like. That’s changing the world with knowledge. Not just picking up ideas from TikTok or the internet without information.”

Qooore’s goal of helping change the world by appreciating people and spreading knowledge to them is the reason Igor and his co-founders are honorees of our March Social Capital feature, and it is a delight to listen to him put investment such a noble light.

Click on the video below for his full interview for this Social Capital section.