• Dellmus Colvin confessed to killing a white female in LaSalle County
  • Police collected two bones from the spot where Colvin claimed to have disposed of the body
  • Colvin claimed to have killed between 47 to 52 women from 1987 to 2005

Police officers in LaSalle County, Illinois, are searching for the remains of a victim after a convicted serial killer confessed on a podcast of killing a woman and disposing of her body near an abandoned truck wash.

Dellmus Colvin, 61, a former long-haul trucker, is imprisoned in Ohio after admitting to the murders of at least seven women. He claimed to have killed between 47 to 52 women across the U.S. from 1987 to 2005.

Colvin’s confession dates back to Aug. 26 when he was interviewed by a Florida criminal profiler, Phil Chalmers, via phone from an Ohio prison. Chalmers released the audio the same day on his “Where the Bodies are Buried” podcast in which Colvin claimed to have met a woman at a truck stop in LaSalle County on a rainy night. After killing the woman, he said he drove behind an old truck where he left her body before stashing her clothes in a garbage bag and driving toward Iowa, according to Walls

He described the victim as a white female with dirty blond hair and claimed he left her in a wooded area which was allegedly at some distance from the road. Colvin didn’t mention the exact month the woman was killed.

Investigators and crime scene technicians from the La Salle and Peru police departments reached the spot mentioned by Colvin with cadaver dogs, reported. LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton said the search was disrupted due to sweltering heat that day and will resume Sep. 9 when they are expecting the weather to be cooler. He told Walls that at least two bones were collected during the investigation, which will be analyzed by the Illinois State Police.

During the interview, Chalmers had asked Colvin to help him find one of his undiscovered victims. Colvin then agreed to disclose about a murder he claimed he committed in Illinois, which officially abolished the death penalty in 2011. However, he refused to discuss any crimes he had committed in states where executions were still carried out, such as Texas, according to He said the body of the woman he killed in LaSalle would be the easiest to find.

When Colvin was asked in how many states he had committed murders, he replied "Quite a few. Quite a few."

Colvin pleaded guilty to killing two women -- Jackie Simpson, 33, and Melissa Weber, 37 -- in Toledo, Ohio, in September 2006, and admitted to killing another three women -- Valerie Jones, 38, Jacquelynn Thomas, 42, and Lily Summers, 43 -- that same month. He also admitted to killing Dorothea Wetzel, 40, in Toledo a month later. He was charged in 2010 in connection with the 1987 murder of Donna Lee, 27, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to which he later pleaded guilty.

Colvin is serving life sentence at an Ohio prison.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay