A man snowboarding through a canyon in Utah captured the terrifying moment when he was swept away in an avalanche as he tore down the mountain.

The snowboarder, identified as Blake Nielson, was cruising in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake on Sunday when he got caught up in the avalanche. He shared his harrowing experience in a report submitted to the Utah Avalanche Center.

In the report, Nielson said his team had tested the snow structure and found no instabilities before heading for a ride down the Argenta slide path in the canyon.

"We dug a snowpit to test stability and found no deep instabilities in the snow structure. As we approached the ridge of Kessler we noticed a lot of wind coming over the ridge and depositing on the North face. We did some stability stomps and were unable to get anything to propagate or observe any shooting cracks," the snowboarder said.

He then recalled dropping into a hanging bowl near Kessler Peak and making a heel-side turn when "an isolated wind slab broke loose below and above me which knocked me off my feet and took me for a ride."

In the helmet-cam video shared on his YouTube page, Nielson can be seen cruising down the mountain with the snow underneath him slipping away. He can be heard shouting to his boarding partner, "Logan, I'm sliding," over the radio. "I'm staying on top, but I am sliding," he says in the video, according to New York Post.

"I was able to keep the majority of my body above the snow and was able to radio my partner that I was sliding with the debris. I made swimming motions with my arms and kicked my board to help keep me on top," Nielson said in the report.

He was carried away by the moving snow for about 300 feet before he was able to slow down and stop while the rest of the debris underneath him continued to slide down the mountain, KSLTV reported.

"Respect the wind," Nielson further said. "Even a small 'manageable' wind pocket can break and carry you a long way in steep terrain with long runouts."

The Utah Avalanche Center noted that the five-inches-deep and 50-foot-wide avalanche was triggered by a snowboarder in the Greaseball Couloir section. None of the snowboarders were injured in the incident.

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