• Increasing longevity lies in a lot of factors like living a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet
  • A new study revealed the kind of diet that could potentially add years to life
  • It suggested that in order to increase lifespan, one needs to indulge in a vegan diet

The key to enjoying a longer life lies in observing a healthy lifestyle, which includes quitting or avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol intake, exercising regularly, and consuming a healthy balanced diet.

The secret to leading a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. The foods that an individual consumes provide the body with the materials it needs to function properly. If such individual consumes too much food or types of foods that provide wrong materials to the body, they increase the risk of acquiring life-threatening diseases, which also shortens lifespan.

The Best Diet For Long Life

For the longest time, human beings have been on a quest for the best diet to help them live healthier and longer, as well as reduce the risk of deadly diseases. Recent studies have proven that the best way to achieve this is to go on a vegan diet.

vegan diet to increase longevity
vegan diet to increase longevity dbreen - Pixabay

According to the World Health Organization, this type of diet can help prevent about a third of all cancer types. Studies also show those who practice this diet have lower death rates compared to meat-eaters.

The research which has been published by the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal reignited the debate on whether or not vegan diets can enhance longevity. The raging debate is happening because of conflicting evidence and medical advice on how a vegan diet can impact one’s health.

Result of Increasing Animal Protein

In the said study, researchers say each three percent calories that came from plant protein was found to lower the risk of death by about 10%. The risk of heart disease death is also reduced by 12%. In comparison, increasing animal protein in the diet by around 10% increases the risk of death from all causes by about two percent.

Because of these glaring results, experts are recommending people to increase their consumption of plant-based foods like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Low-fat dairy products and lean protein are also recommended by experts to be included in your daily diet.

The results of these studies also suggest that consuming at least seven portions of fresh vegetables and fruits daily can help lower the risk of dying from cancer by approximately 15%. According to Dr. Mingyang Song, these studies, on the overall, support the fact that sources of dietary protein are essential for long-term health results.