NEW DELHI (Commodity Online) : India's food inflation rose again to 17.56 percent for the week ended Jan 23 compared with previous week's 17.40 percent.

Food inflation, which was easing after touching decade's high of about 20 per cent in December, rose mainly because potatoes became dearer by 44.91 per cent and pulses by 44.43 per cent over the previous year.

On the weekly basis, the index for food articles declined by 0.1 percent, mainly due to lower prices of tea (5 per cent), arhar (3 per cent) and urad, fruits & vegetables, ragi and eggs (1 per cent each).

However, prices of coffee rose by 5 per cent, gram by 2 per cent, while wheat, moong, barley and jowar moved up by 1 per cent each over the previous week.

The index for non-food articles group declined by 0.5 per cent due to lower prices of groundnut seed and raw rubber.