An American man was arrested hours after he killed his wife and a friend in Nicaragua on Monday.

According to reports, 68-year-old Larry Robert McCartney, allegedly a retired member of the U.S. Marines, was a native of Indiana and had been living in Nicaragua for over 10 years. He married 22-year-old Guadalupe del Carmen García two years ago but the couple lived separately.

On Monday, the accused tracked García down at 22-year-old Marta Auxiliadora López’s home and invited both of them to a local bar. After meeting at the bar, all the three left in the same car. While in the car, the couple got into a heated argument following which the accused asked his wife and friend to step out of the vehicle. He then opened fire and fled the scene, leaving their bodies on the roadside. While one of the women was pronounced dead at the scene, the other was declared dead at the hospital.

Police said the accused was arrested three hours after the crime took place. They added that the revolver used in the crime was confiscated along with the car and the bullets fired at the victims matched those on the weapon.

Meanwhile, speaking to a local radio station, García's sister said the accused had visited their mother's home recently to tell them that he was diagnosed with a terminal disease and had just three weeks to live. Investigation into the case was ongoing.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay