NEW DELHI (Commodity Online): After last year's drought that led to fall in food production, India's kharif crop acreage has shown tremendous improvement in 2010 on the back of good monsoon rains. So far kharif sowing has taken place in 950.22 lakh ha area which is 78.93 lakh ha more than the acreage on this date last year (871.29 lakh ha).

The sowing of all major crops this year is more than that in the last kharif. As per data received from States, paddy has been sown in 312.42 lakh hectare as compared to 293.24 lakh ha on this date last year, showing an increase of 19.18 lakh ha over the same period.

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Pulses have been sown in 109.04 lakh ha so far which is 19.71 lakh ha more than this time last season.

Coarse cereals have been sown in 202.37 lakh ha, 19.33 lakh ha more as compared to last year.

Sugar cane acreage has risen to 47.68 lakh ha from 41.79 lakh ha while Jute acreage has risen from 6.92 lakh ha last year to 7.58 lakh ha this year. Cotton acreage has risen form 97.7 lakh ha to 106.14 lakh ha.