The ear health of Indigenous is worrying, with statistics showing they are up to 10 times more likely to suffer from ear disease and hearing loss compared to the non-Indigenous Australian counterparts, revealed a senate inquiry.

The rate of middle ear infection among Indigenous community has crossed the World Health Organization (WHO) standards, showing that its primary causes are poor sanitation, overcrowded housing and poor nutrition.

Hearing loss -the senate inquiry found - is associtated with lower educational backgrounds and more friction with the police and the courts.

The report says, The comittee has considered a large amoung of evidence on the particulare hearing health issues facing Indigenous Australians, and is alarmed at the ongoing disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous hearing health in Australia.

Among the 34 recommendations being made by the comittee, it also includes a call for the Commonwealth to create national hearing health campaigns and install technology for hearing-impaired people in government buildings and Indigenous schools.