A baby girl was found dead inside the bathroom of a Texas gas station Sunday. Police are now on the lookout for a young woman, who was captured on surveillance footage going in and out of the restroom.

Houston police said the infant was found by a customer at a Shell station in southwest Houston early morning Sunday. The customer immediately called 911, reported ABC13 Houston.

Officers arrived at the scene and attempted to revive the baby. It was determined that the child had been dead for hours before the customer walked into the restroom.

Investigators checked surveillance footage and found that a young woman had driven to the gas station in a white sedan at around 10 p.m. Saturday. The Hispanic woman was captured going directly into the bathroom and spending about 15 minutes inside before leaving the gas station, KHOU 11 reported.

Employees at the gas station convenience store were reportedly left traumatized after discovering the baby, who was found hours after the woman drove away.

Details about the age and identity of the baby were not immediately clear. The cause of death of the infant is also yet to be confirmed by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

The woman captured on surveillance footage is now wanted by the Houston Police. Officials also urged the public to come forward with any information that could help locate her.

A similar incident was reported in February this year after a woman abandoned a toddler, believed to be 15 months old, at the convenience store of a gas station in Ohio. Police said the woman entered a Circle K filling station in Columbus with the child and at some point, left the toddler inside and ran out of the convenience store. Surveillance footage showed the abandoned toddler standing at the door. The store employees attempted to go after the woman but could not find her outside.

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