“Ink Master” fans have been waiting for this all season, and it’s finally here – the EPIC Kyle Dunbar vs. Chris Nunez fight! Since the start of Season 4, promo videos have been teasing a jaw-dropping showdown between contestant Dunbar, who was eliminated in Season 3 but voted back by viewers, and Nunez, one of the “Ink Master” judges. Tension was high between the two during week 7, and Spike was kind enough to release not one, but two, sneak peek videos of the upcoming fight in week 8.

For those who missed episode 7, Dunbar managed to avoid getting placed in the bottom four – but that didn’t stop the judges from ripping his tattoo apart. The tattoo artist, who has more than 20 years of experience, was paired up with a human canvas who wanted a cherry blossom tree to cover up a small tattoo she had of her ex-boyfriend’s name. Dunbar gave the human canvas exactly what she wanted, but the judges didn’t care for it.

“I cannot stand this tattoo,” Nunez said of the cherry blossom coverup.

And Nunez wasn’t the only who felt that way. The other judges criticized Dunbar's decision to cover a small piece with a huge tattoo, and to have a brown stem exposed if she ever decided to wear shorts.

Dunbar kept his cool during the judge’s critique but had a meltdown afterwards, telling his fellow tattoo artists that the judges have been ripping him apart each week despite how much he has been trying to change and please them. Sausage tried to calm Dunbar down by telling him to not worry about making the judges happy when tattooing, but then Gentle Jay dropped a bomb on him.

After Jay survived the week 7 elimination, Chris Nunez told him to tell Dunbar that, “he should have been down there and he could have justifiably left.” Needless to say, Kyle Dunbar went all crazy eyes when he found out.

In a sneak peek video released by Spike, Dunbar tells Jay that he’s ready to call Nunez out.

“He’s going to try and call me out on this s***,” Dunbar heatedly says to the other contestants. “Like, what the f*** is wrong with that f*****.”

A second video leaked by Spike reveals that Dunbar kept his word about calling Nunez out. During their next challenge, Dunbar couldn’t focus on anything host Dave Navarro was saying. Instead he just kept trying to make eye contact with Nunez.

“Welcome,” Navarro greets the “Ink Master” contestants in the video. “We started this competition with 17 artists and now less than half of you remain.”

“Calling me out,” Dunbar interjects. “You gonna call me out?”

The judges stood there with a confused and questioning look on their faces, before Nunez finally answered.

“What’s up, Kyle,” he asks the furious contestant. “What are you going to mad dog me?”

“Call you a b****,” Dunbar responds to the surprise of his fellow contestants.

“What is … what are we talking about?” Nunez asks.

“You f***ing called me insane, and yeah I’m f***ing insane,” Kyle says, a crazy look in his eyes.  “Want to push me to a level of insanity? F*** yeah, you’ll get that.”

“I called you insane?” Nunez questions him. But Kyle points to judge Oliver Peck, who is smiling and nodding, giddy with excitement over the Kyle’s showdown.

“Ink Master” fans can watch the rest of the video, which shows Kyle Dunbar and Chris Nunez exchanging a few more remarks before Dunbar finally approaches him – giving him the ultimate “bro bump.” The whole exchange between the pair can be seen when “Ink Master” airs on Spike on April 15 at 10 p.m.

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