People need a break from this chaotic, fast-paced world and what better way to distress than spend some time at the beach. Lady Gaga is one lucky gal for owning a lavish beach house where she can conveniently run to if she needs a time off. (sigh!)

Lady Gaga called her beach house a gypsy palace. The “A Star Is Born” actress told Vogue Magazine that her Malibu mansion was her sanctuary.

Curious enough to take a peek inside the house? Watch the video here published by Hollywood Lifestyle and be amazed of the interior of Lady Gaga’s oasis of peace.

Lady Gaga’s $22.5 million beach house, purchased back in 2014, is sitting on the six-acre lot of Malibu, California just across Zuma Beach. At 10,270 square feet, her house reportedly has seven bathrooms and five bedrooms. What even made it perfect was her access to the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, My Domaine reported.

The living and dining areas are downstairs. Having an open floor plan, this part of Lady Gaga’s house appeared spacious and conducive for relaxing. For those who want to experience and feel the countryside while enjoying the beach, this is the perfect place. The exposed wooden beams will give you this rustic-ish ambiance.

Lady Gaga’s master bedroom is comparable to an executive hotel suite —it is just amazing. Should she want to indulge in an early coffee sesh while taking in the magnificent outdoor view without actually going outside, she can do it in her master suite’s private terrace.

Should Lady Gaga want to destress and have a bottle of wine, she can just go to her wine cellar or wet bar. Should she want to just chill, watch a movie and eat popcorn, she can just go to her home theater.

What’s even more interesting in Lady Gaga’s estate are her 60s inspired bowling alley located at the lower level of the property and bocce ball court.

Other than the outdoor bocce ball court, Lady Gaga also has horse stables, infinity pool and a guest lodge. The infinity pool is jaw-dropping for giving the host and her guests a perfect, front-row pass of the ocean on one side and view of the mountain on the other side.

Lady Gaga has a reported net worth of about $320 million, so it’s not even mind-boggling how she can afford such a luxurious house. Celebrities, like Lady Gaga, have to deal with a lot of Hollywood pressure and for the stuff that can bring them peace and comfort, its price tag is probably not an issue.