Dylan and Lizzie won’t be solving any case tonight as the next episode of “Instinct” won’t air on CBS until next Sunday.

Instead of airing Season 1, episode 11 of the police procedural tonight, the Eye network will broadcast the 72nd Annual Tony Awards, starting at 8 p.m. EDT.

In the next episode of “Instinct,” several average people blow themselves up using suicide bombs, but according to the synopsis for the episode, Dylan (Alan Cumming) and Lizzie (Bojana Novakovic) are unable to identify a motive or connection behind the unusual incident.

Elsewhere in the next installment, Julian (Naveen Andrews), worried that Dylan could be exposing himself to past enemies, recruits Lizzie to talk him out of hiring Ashley (Nikki M. James), a publicist.

Lizzie and Julian met each other for the first time last episode, and though their first encounter didn’t turn out well, Dylan’s contact from his days at the CIA was instrumental in finding out what really happened to Charlie (Brian Avers), Lizzie’s former partner and fiancé.

Lizzie initially thought that Charlie was a dirty cop secretly working for Emilio Frantio, one of the world’s most ruthless drug lords. But with the help of Julian, Lizzie discovered that Charlie wasn’t corrupt, but one of their teammates was.

When Dylan pointed out to Lizzie that the corrupt member of their undercover team was someone who was by himself during their covert operation, Lizzie quickly realized that the dirty cop was none other than Rafael Sosa (Alejandro Hernandez), who shot Charlie to death, as revealed in a flashback scene.

Lizzie then realized that Charlie wasn’t saying sorry to her before he took his last breath, but was actually trying to say Sosa’s name. Dylan also confirmed that the Cayman account was Sosa’s. The former CIA paramilitary officer added that Sosa named the account after Charlie, so he would be the one to take the fall.

The episode ended with Lizzie arresting Sosa for murder, money laundering, and conspiracy.

In addition to James, other actors guest starring in next week’s episode include Tom Day, Salar Ghajar, Lesli Margherita, Stacey Yen, among many others.

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