SunRocket Inc., the second largest supplier of Internet phone services shut down its business on Monday without notifying its customers, which total more than 200,000.

The firm gave no notice it was shutting down operations its Web site, although its main number had a message, saying: We are no longer taking customer service or sales calls. Goodbye.

A report in the New York Times quoted a source saying that SunRocket had ceased operation and plans to move its customers to one or more companies.

According to an internal memo leaked to message boards, Sonya Jefferson, Director of Routing and Carrier Services , that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will cease operations.

Signs of turbulence were evident in recent weeks. Its Chief Technology Officer, Mark Fedor and Chief Information Officer Robert Kramer, were fired at the end of May. The company's chief financial officer, David Samuels, resigned in July.

The company, which started in 1994, was one of the first to offer Internet phone technology to compete against traditional carriers. It had 200,000 users as of April.

Vonage, the No. 1 internet phone company, last reported it had about 2.2 million subscribers. It has also been struggling. Earlier this year, a jury in Virginia found the company had infringed on three Verizon patents, threatening its ability to sign up new customers.