After a "short battle with cancer," 63-year-old Iowa man Tim Schrandt died on March 29. A U.S. Army veteran, Schrandt was laid to rest Thursday at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Cemetery in Spillville, Iowa.

But Schrandt's death has received attention outside of Spillville, a town with a population under 500.

The obituary Schrandt’s family wrote was posted on the Schluter-Balik Funeral Home website and has gone viral because of the wry jokes.

"Tim Schrandt made his last inappropriate comment on March 29, 2019," is the line that opens the obituary, letting readers know the kind of person Schrandt was and about his family's sense of humor.

There were several other comical lines throughout the obit.

  • "For those of you that did meet him, we apologize, as we're sure he probably offended you."
  • "His position as 'king' [of his siblings] and orator was challenged by the nuns at St. Wenceslaus school in Spillville. He may have met his match. We’re not saying the nuns won, but they put up a good fight, we mean literally - he got into a fist-a-cuff with a nun. In fairness, she probably started it. You didn't take a swing at Tim and not expect one back."
  • "Tim worked with many friends and 'a bunch of morons.' His words, not ours. Well not exactly his, words because that would have included a bunch of swear words."
  • "Tim led a good life and had a peaceful death - but the transition was a b----. And for the record, he did not lose his battle with cancer. When he died, the cancer died, so technically it was a tie!"
  • "Good luck God!"
  • "We are considering establishing a Go-Fund-Me account for G. Heileman Brewing Co., the brewers of Old Style beer, as we anticipate they are about to experience significant hardship as a result of the loss of Tim's business. Keep them in your thoughts."

The obituary also had some warm reflections on Schrandt, though they were accompanied by snide remarks.

"Despite his crusty exterior, cutting remarks and stubbornness, there is actual evidence that he was a loving, giving and caring person. That evidence is the deep sorrow and pain in our hearts that his family feels from his passing," it reads.

The online guestbook includes dozens of comments from throughout the U.S. as well as Scotland, England, Australia and Canada.