Irina Kristy, a college professor who taught math at Boston University and Suffolk University for decades, will be arraigned later this month on charges of running a methamphetamine lab out of her home, according to

More specifically, the charges are “distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug law, and drug violation in a school zone,” according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

Her son, 29-year-old Grigory Genkin, recently pleaded not guilty to the same charges. Kristy has been put on leave by both schools.

Kristy graduated from the prestigious Moscow University in 1959 with an MS degree, according to Boston University. The more interesting information, however, are found on the RateMyProfessors pages of Kristy for Boston University and Suffolk University, which feature student comments.

Below are the top interesting comments from RateMyProfessors that were posted before the meth story broke:

- Accent is totally incomprehensible unless you're fluent in Russian yourself. She doesn’t understand when you ask questions and gets easily offended by them because she can’t speak English and constantly thinks you are trying to insult her

- She yelled at someone for asking a question about the problem and then yelled at someone else for not coming to class while everyone looked around in disbelief.

- She actually laughs at students when they are confused in class.. and she ends everything with clear? giving you no time to respond with...

- I LOVE HER 5 OUTFIT CHOICES!!!! And especially when she gets chalk all over it :] she's not aware of her surroundings because she almost tripped over a ball. But I love her accent!

- The only thing that kept me awake during those 8 am classes was her mismatched, neon, or see-through outfits.

- She's a cute lady who gets chalk everywhere..


- Her class is easy, but I have absolutely no idea what she is saying

- She can appear a bit stand-offish, but that is her Russian charm. When drawn out, she is quite passionate about the material.

- She has a great sense of humor and explains concepts well.