full iss photo
This photo of the International Space Station captures the whole station, and can be seen from the surface of the Earth on a clear night. NASA

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” is already receiving rave reviews and as throngs of die-hard fans queue up outside theaters worldwide to catch Episode VIII of the cult movie franchise, did anyone wonder if the real life Jedi aboard the International Space Station(ISS) would be able to watch it before their long missions end? Turns out, they might just watch the movie how "Star Wars" was meant to be viewed — aboard a spacecraft in space.

Crew members currently aboard the International Space Station won’t have to wait until they return to Earth to find out if their own theories about the movie actually play out to give themselves the best permanent over-beer brag story.

A lightsaber tribute to actress Carrie Fisher at the Opening Night Celebration Of Walt Disney Pictures And Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

The movie will be uplinked through a transmitter on Earth and will be downloaded by the ISS to watch at their comfort. According to a NASA press release Dec. 16, the file will be sent from mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The announcement was first broken on Twitter four days ago by SpaceFlight reporter Robin Seemangal. Since then NASA confirmed in the press release the current crop of ISS residents from Expedition 54, including NASA astronauts Joe Acaba, Mark Vande Hei, and soon Scott Tingle, are waiting eagerly to catch the latest installment of the movie franchise, that in all probability inspired them to work towards being an astronaut.

“I received confirmation from Disney and NASA sources that the crew aboard the International Space Station will be screening Star Wars: The Last Jedi, ” Seemangal wrote in his tweet .

The official date on which the movie will uplinked has not been announced.

Two years ago, Disney screened the previous installment, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for astronauts to watch in orbit.

NASA is working hard towards making space tourism and travel viable for large populations for possible future resettlement missions. The space agency recently announced the Phase 3 for tier 3D printed habitat for space competition. Several promising designs poured in including the Redwood forest-inspired MIT design.

Various invitations were extended to private space companies and the public in general to send in ideas and several collaborations between government space agencies like NASA with private space travel heavyweights like SpaceX are shaping up a promising near-future for our space exploration dreams marked by recent successful collaborations.

NASA is currently looking to counter several harsh conditions astronauts in space are exposed to. If "Star Wars" is to ever come close to being a reality, understanding how the human body reacts to microgravity is a focal point and NASA is conducting several experiments which simulate space like conditions to test suits that could just make the lethal stream of charged particles from the sun bounce off the astronauts.

According to the release, “Some of the research on the next cargo resupply flight could rival the healing powers of bacta, including a new synthetic material to accelerate bone repair, and another to combat muscle atrophy. ”

NASA said the Kepler mission is helping explore objects further in the outer-rim of the Milky Way galaxy. As scientists send objects further and further away from home-base, they need communication and NASA said their Deep Space Network is better than the communication on the imaginary Galactic Republic, the ancient interplanetary government in the Star Wars universe.

NASA hopes to push on in the near future, using the moon as a space base, to push on further into deep space exploration. The Orion project is undergoing several stages of promising testing. NASA is also making steady headway into it's ambititous Space Launch System rocket.

As the new Star Wars movie hits the screens, people are giving it highly positive reviews. It is surprising to see the reboot of such a popular franchise doing justice to it's now-and-forever epic predecessors.

As these astronauts catch up with the latest updates on the movie franchise, they are living the life of the “Star Wars” characters. Peggy Wilson, NASA’s record breaking astronaut, returned to Earth in September after clocking in 665 days in space, smashing previous United States records. She, like General Leia and now Rey, commanded the space station and is the first woman to do so.