Ivanka Trump continues to work hard to deliver what is expected of her. Since she became a Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump in 2017, the mom of three was hounded with various controversies and became a favorite subject of denigrations. Recently, the first daughter sparked Twitterstorm anew after she tweeted about the Child Tax Credit.

“39.4 MILLION American families will benefit from the Child Tax Credit for tax year 2019 receiving an average of over $2,200 and a total of $88.1 Billion!” Ivanka posted on Sunday. “We are fighting each and every day for hard-working American families... and delivering! #ChildTaxCredit #TaxCuts,” she went on. The said tweet was met with mixed reactions from netizens.

“I’m a hardworking husband and father of 6 and credit what I have today to what the Trump family has accomplished for me while in office,” a netizen wrote. “Really, it's amazing work in the US history.This is a big gift to the American working class,before the Christmas. It's impact should be positive on the US economy and also on every class of the society. Fast circulation of movable capital is also another measure of growth rate,” Manoj Kumar commented on Ivanka Trump’s post.


There were also a few who encouraged Melania Trump’s step-daughter to run for president after delivering the news. “Please be our first woman president! You would be Amazing!” a third Twitter user said. “You're going to be PRESIDENT one day!” Elvira Maxwell stated. “Thank you for all you do. Trump 2020,” another netizen penned in the comment section.

As per usual, critics took the chance to attack Ivanka Trump and the current admiration. “Taking credit for the CTC that’s been on the books for decades; 1998. Oh yes, you don’t need it so knowledge of it is new to you and your daddy,” Tess B. wrote. “Go dye your hair or teach your kids how to work a kickback with a contractor like Daddy taught you when you were 5,” another Twitter user said.

“You are offering something that should be universal to the working class as if you are a benign monarch. Disgusting. All the poor must do is worship Putin. You constantly aim to confuse those who work two jobs and have no time for politics, while dressed like Imelda Marcos,” Linda Meilink stated. Ivanka has yet to react on these harsh remarks.

Meanwhile, the former fashion designer made a two-day visit to Indiana Women’s Prison last week, alongside American rapper MC Hammer. While there, Ivanka Trump learned more about the Last Mile program, which provides technology and business training for incarcerated individuals across the U.S.

The “Addams Grove” hitmaker even shared a photo of himself and Ivanka Trump on Instagram. “Enjoyed my conversations on prison reform and re-entry with Ivanka Trump today. Tomorrow we go inside the Women’s Prison to visit TLM coding classroom at IWP. The stars are the students who will showcase their capstone projects. Thanks to Governor Holcomb for hosting,” he wrote in the caption.

Donald Trump unveils child-care policy influenced by Ivanka Trump White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump at an event in which her father President Donald Trump unveiled proposals for lowering child-care costs. Photo: Photo by Michael Vadon/Flickr