Major (Robert Buckley) is caught unawares when Liv (Rose McIver) stops by to make peace and meets his new girlfriend in Episode 4 of "iZombie." The CW

After solving a particularly challenging case of a sociopathic hit man’s murder, Liv (Rose McIver) finds another zombie survivor, a former friend of hers that unfortunately hadn’t had access to brains and had deteriorated to pure zombie mode. When Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) fell into the zombie’s den, Liv pounced to protect him. This went much more smoothly than her apology to Major (Robert Buckley), who was ignoring her calls.

In “iZombie” Season 1 Episode 4 “Liv and let Clive,” we find out Major is taking steps away from Liv with a new girlfriend, one that an apathetic Liv didn't react to in Episode 3. This time, the normally cool zombie was caught off guard. When Liv eats the brains of an Asian gang member at work, she gains kung fu skills and some anger issues. Most importantly, Liv flashes back to a memory of a threatening Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin), her cop partner-in-law, and assumes he’s a dirty cop.

Meanwhile, the other zombie in town is growing his small business by infecting the rich and recruiting henchmen. Blaine (David Anders) is now operating through the Meat Cute diner where the main cook concocts new cerebral dishes palatable enough to eat. He’s still enjoying the hot date he picked up in Episode 2, who’s not only become a kind of sugar mama to Blaine, but also pampers him with a tan for his zombie pallor and manicures.

Liv figures out a way to block the new girl from moving in on Major. She’s talked about her feelings for her ex-fiancée many times before, but cannot reunite with him because of her zombie state. However, she hits two birds with one stone by pairing up unlikely roommates, Major and her morgue boss Dr. Ravi. They’re the perfect odd couple at first, but then the pair really hit it off, even to Liv’s surprise. Episode 4 closes with the new duo enjoying Dr. Ravi’s hi-def TV.

But did Liv really make a “I washed every piece of laundry in my building” joke while digesting the brain of an Asian undercover cop? Dr. Ravi also made a remark about Liv having a preference for Asian men while undercover. I already wasn’t so thrilled with some of the Latino artist Lothario jokes in Episode 2, but I sincerely hope the writers can lay off lazy stereotypes jokes and stick to the bloody good macabre humor. It’s so much more fits the tone of “iZombie.”

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