Rose McIver as Liv Moore
An actor who has appeared on “The Originals” has joined the Rose McIver-led series “iZombie” as a recurring cast member in Season 3. The CW

“The Originals” actor Jason Dohring landed a recurring role in Season 3 of “iZombie.”

Dohring, who plays Detective Will Kinney on “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, will recur as Chase Graves. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chase is the brother-in-law of Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), the Fillmore Graves CEO who plans to make Seattle the capital of the zombie homeland.

Chase is a member of the Fillmore Graves hierarchy, so it’s likely that he’s also one of the undead. In an interview with TVLine last year, Dohring said that he would like to play a zombie on the rom-com-zom-dram “because that has more character” than a regular human.

The 34-year-old actor is set to make his first appearance in episode 8, titled “Eat a Kinevel.”

Executive producer Rob Thomas was trying to bring Dohring into the show last season, but his casting on “The Originals” postponed the actor’s supposed appearance on the zombie show.

“I’d just been emailing Jason, saying, ‘We’re going to find something great for you this year,’ and then he got cast in ‘The Originals,’ and I sighed heavily,” Thomas told TVLine last September.

Dohring and Thomas previously worked together on “Veronica Mars,” so there’s a good chance the actor might be reunited with some of his “Veronica Mars” co-stars who also have recurring roles on “iZombie.”

“Veronica Mars” alums who are confirmed to return for Season 3 of “iZombie” include Daran Norris who plays weatherman Johnny Frost; Ken Marino who portrays Major’s (Robert Buckley) lawyer, Brandt Stone; and Eddie Jemison, who plays Seattle’s leading crime-lord Mr. Boss.

“Veronica Mars” actor Ryan Devlin might also appear in the upcoming season. In a response to a fan question on Twitter last month, Thomas revealed that Devlin is also going to show up on “iZombie” at some point.

“So when @RyanDevlin is gonna be on @CWiZombie @RobThomas? will he play a baddie? plot twist, he’s a goodie,” the fan asked.

“Oh, he’s going to be in the show, but I can only see him as venal - his laudable charity work not withstanding,” the exec producer answered.

Devlin chimed in, tweeting: “I’m tiring of this whole nice guy facade anyway. Time to get back to the real Devlin.”

“iZombie” Season 3 is slated to debut midseason on The CW.