Rose McIver as Liv
“iZombie” executive producer Rob Thomas said that there’s going to be a political divide between Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) in Season 4 of the CW series. The CW

In order to rejoin Fillmore-Graves in last night’s Season 3 finale of “iZombie,” Major (Robert Buckley) chose to become a zombie again. Even though Major and his ex-fiancée Liv (Rose McIver) are now both members of the undead, viewers might still not see the two get back together in Season 4.

“I never want to say that there’s no hope for them [to be together again] because I think that they would do anything for each other at any time,” executive producer Rob Thomas told Entertainment Weekly of the former couple. “But they are on opposite sides of a political divide [in Season 4], and there are going to be some political wedge issues that are forcing them apart over the course of the season.”

While Major has undoubtedly found a new home in Fillmore-Graves, Liv becomes increasingly disappointed with how the multinational military contractor is run. “That is going to put them at increasing odds,” Thomas explained. “It’s going to be the topic that they can’t discuss without fighting.”

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To better explain the dynamic between Liv and Major next season, Thomas used analogies during his separate interview with TVLine. “[In Season 4, the] new version of Seattle is like Israel, the humans are Palestinians, and that Major is lining up sort of in the [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu camp, and Liv can’t quite deal with it,” Thomas said.

But the executive producer made it clear that Season 4 is not going to be one long fight between Liv and Major. “There’s still a lot of affection between the two and they’ll still be jokey and fun until they get on that one topic, and occasionally they will battle that out,” said Thomas.

In Season 3 finale, Major asked Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) to turn him back into a zombie. While some viewers didn’t quite get why Major chose to become a zombie again, Buckley revealed that there’s a deep reason behind his character’s huge decision.

“One thing we know about Major is he has a breaking point,” the actor explained to TV Insider. “He is a good guy until a certain point. At the end of Season 1, we saw him be completely terrorized at that point, and he completely lost it. At the end of this year, there was another Greek tragedy unfolding in his life: Natalie’s (Brooke Lyons) killed, his buddies are killed; most of the happiness he has in his life is taken out in one fell swoop. I think he sees it as ‘I’ve lost everything I had, so I’m going to dedicate myself to righting this wrong.’”

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“iZombie” Season 4 will premiere midseason on The CW.