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  • Paste Magazine listed the 30 greatest K-Pop albums of all time
  • The rankings on the list were based on a survey of 100 fans
  • J-Hope's "Jack In The Box" album ranked second on the list

BTS' J-Hope's solo debut album "Jack In The Box" surpassed BTS' "Love Yourself: Tear" on Paste Magazine's list of 30 greatest K-Pop albums of all time.

Paste Magazine, an American monthly music and entertainment digital magazine, published its list of 30 greatest K-Pop albums of all time Monday. The rankings on the list were reportedly made by surveying 100 fans and asking them their picks for the best K-Pop albums of all time.

J-Hope's "Jack In The Box" album, the first solo debut album released by a BTS member, made it at No. 2, following girl group f(x)'s "Pink Tape" album, which was released in 2013, at No. 1. J-Hope beat his group's "Love Yourself: Tear" album, which ranked at No. 3.

Released in July 2022, Paste Magazine described it as a "sonic triumph" that "radiates warm, kaleidoscopic dexterity and magnificent construction." According to the digital magazine, J-Hope is a musician who is at the height of his musical powers, and only a few K-Pop artists can match what he did on his 10-track "masterpiece."

BigHit Music described "Jack In The Box" as an album that represents J-hope's own musical personality and vision as an artist. It is reportedly an avenue for the South Korean rapper-singer-producer to break the mold and grow further.

"Jack In The Box" features two main tracks, "More" and "Arson." It also includes "Intro," "Pandora's Box," "Stop," "= (Equal Sign)," "Music Box: Reflection," "What If...," "Safety Zone" and "Future."

Just recently, on Aug. 18, a "Hope Edition" of J-Hope's solo debut album was released. Aside from the 10 tracks previously included in the album, Lollapalooza live versions of songs like "= (Equal Sign)," "Stop" and "Future" were added. Instrumental versions of "More" and "Arson" were added to the album's newest edition as well.

While J-Hope is in the military, his BTS bandmates RM, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and V took over the promotions of the physical album version of his "Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)" record and filmed unboxing videos individually. Like J-Hope, his other bandmate Jin is currently serving in the military in South Korea and isn't allowed to film.

Following f(x)'s "Pink Tape," J-Hope's "Jack In The Box" and BTS' "Love Yourself: Tear" at the top three spots are IU's "Palette" and Red Velvet's "Perfect Velvet" at the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

Taking the sixth spot was SHINee's "Odd" album, while TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)'s "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze" took the seventh spot.

Ranking at No. 8 and No. 9 were Wonder Girls' "Reboot" and Taeyeon's "INVU," respectively. Meanwhile, Stray Kids' "Noeasy" album secured the 10th spot on Paste Magazine's list.

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