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  • J-Hope reentered the Billboard 200 music charts with "Jack In The Box Hope Edition"
  • "Jack In The Box" is J-Hope's first ever top 10 record on the chart, ranking at No. 6
  • "Jack In The Box" was released digitally last year, but the physical version was only released this month

ARMYs proved its undying support for BTS member J-Hope as the newest edition of his "Jack In The Box" album has reentered the Billboard 200. Interestingly, it also joined the top ranks.

Twitter account @chartdata reported that the 29-year-old South Korean artist has reentered the music chart, which ranks the top songs based on sales and online streaming across over 200 territories worldwide. This comes after J-Hope finally released a physical version of his solo debut album over two weeks ago. "Jack In The Box" was originally released digitally on Weverse in July last year.

The rapper is now among the top 10 of this week's Billboard 200, ranking at No. 6 with 50,000 copies sold, 2.99 million coming from on-demand streams and 47,000 from pure sales. This makes "Jack In The Box" J-Hope's first-ever record to make it to the top 10 of the chart.

He also joined his fellow BTS bandmates as the highest-charting Korean solo artists in the history of Billboard 200. Suga recently ranked No. 2 with "D-Day," Jimin ranked No. 2 with "FACE" and RM ranked No. 3 with "Indigo," respectively.

Following the historic feats, fans have taken to social media to congratulate the "Arson" hitmaker, claiming that he "deserved" such recognition.

"Your real fans will always be behind you! Thank you, Hobi! This critically acclaimed album deserves all the success! CONGRATULATIONS J-HOPE," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another commented, "So happy to be touting [and] celebrating this milestone for such a groundbreaking album and artist!"

"That's what happens when you make [the] album of the decade," a third user said, while another wrote, "This is so deserved!!!"

"Did it while being on hiatus [by the way]. Real talent always wins. CONGRATULATIONS J-HOPE," a fifth user stated.

"Congratulations Hobi. 'Jack in the Box' is one of the best albums released and is a f—king masterpiece. You deserve your flowers, king," a sixth user added.

After releasing "Jack In The Box" and concluding his solo promotions, J-Hope enlisted in South Korea's mandatory military service in April and is expected to complete his service in 18 months. At the time, he became the second member to enter the military, following the oldest BTS member, Jin.

RM, Jungkook, Jimin and V are currently pursuing solo projects; Suga recently initiated his enlistment process, but his longtime label, BigHit Music, has yet to release further details about when it will begin.

21. Did you know that not all members of BTS have pierced ears? That’s right! J-Hope’s earlobes aren’t pierced because according to him, he wants to “keep their purity.” Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images