Jack the Cat has been found at JFK International Airport. After a two-month search for the feline, which went astray at JFK Airport, Jack the Cat was found alive late Tuesday night and taken immediately to a veterinarian in Queens. He is in critical condition.

He's not feeling well at all, Dr. Matthew Cooper told the New York Post. He has a feeding tube, he's getting fluids through an IV, but feeding is the most important thing right now.

American Airlines announced on its Facebook page that Jack had been found, much to the delight of owner Karen Pascoe. According to the Post, Jack fell through collapsed ceiling tiles inside a Custom and Border Patrol room at Terminal 8.

One of our deputy chief officers saw it, grabbed it and alerted American Airlines, Custom and Border Patrol spokesman Anthony Bucci said.

Now, the attention turns to his health. According to the Post, five-year-old Jack will remain in veterinary care for the next few days, at least. Cooper said that the veterinarians diagnosed Jack with fatty liver disease, which is common among malnourished animals - it causes fat to accumulate in the liver, just as its plainly simple and not-at-all medical name suggests.

Everyone is hopeful for a quick and full recovery.

Today is such a good day, Pascoe, 43, told the Post. When I got the call, I had literally just adopted a new cat. Oh, really?

But I never gave up hope. I just never gave up hope, Pascoe added.

Said Cooper: Hopefully we'll get him home in a few days. The key is to get him eating on his own. [The fatty liver disease] is definitely a result of his 61 days at JFK, the stress and not eating.

Jack was lost on Aug. 25, the same day Pascoe moved to California. Then, he became a LOLcat - um, lost on luggage?

For her part, Pascoe created a Facebook page when she thought JFK Airport was not pulling out all the stops to find her lost cat. Called Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK, it has garnered more than 18,000 likes.

On Wednesday, the Facebook page's main picture was of Jack and displayed the words, Jack is Back!

The next flight for Pascoe and Jack will be safer.

He's not flying in cargo ever again! she told the Post. He's flying in the seat - probably in first class - with me on the way back. I'm not letting him out of my sight.