New teasers of “Jack Ryan” Season 2 have been released online, and they confirm some of the locations featured in the TV series. Although the show is based in the U.S., the plot takes the CIA analyst played by John Krasinski all over the world.

Just as the first season of the TV series took the main characters to Europe and Africa, Season 2 will have an international outlook. A previously released trailer showed Krasinski jumping from one skyscraper to another, and a post on Twitter with that clip confirms that this is a scene from London.

Jack was in Paris in the previous season to stop a terrorist cell from launching a major attack. The plot this time around has shifted from terrorism to geopolitics, with the main villain being the president of Venezuela.

If the villain is in Venezuela, why will Jack travel to London? This is because the president of the South American country has a plan that has global consequences, which will force CIA analyst and his team to travel to UK and Russia as well in “Jack Ryan” Season 2.

The story will begin in the jungles of Venezuela, another teaser trailer has confirmed. According to the official plot, Jack will be tracking a suspicious shipment of arms in the jungle and there he will uncover a secret plot.

Jack will be spending considerable amount of time in South America, and the trailer of the TV series teased him meeting a charismatic political leader in Venezuela who may be opposing the president.

The producers are yet to announce an exact release date for “Jack Ryan” Season 2. The show will premiere sometime this year, and it is expected to air by early fall. Apart from Krasinski, the other big returning cast member is Wendell Pierce, who will be reprising his role as James Greer.

Jack Ryan
'Jack Ryan' Season 2 will be even more action-packed than the first. Jack Ryan/Facebook