Jackass star Ryan Dunn died early this morning. But people are finding it hard to believe. The moment they heard about Dunn's death, a lot of them thought that this could just be the most elaborate Jackass hoax ever.

Internet is flooded with rumors that Ryan Dunn's death is fabricated, especially because police reported that his completely charred body was identified by tattoos. Which means the star's dead body is not to be seen by the public. Finding an artist to fake Dunn's tats would be easier than finding a corpse. Trouble is, we're not sure how a corpse's skin might react to being inked.

Helping fuel this rumor is Dunn's next film (watch video here), which is apparently about Dunn dying but returning as a ghost to hang out with his friend.

Prank theory believers say that Dunn's Twitter photo showing him drinking could have been a trick to create witnesses and lead people into thinking that Ryan died of drunken driving. Otherwise it would have been a tad too difficult to make people believe that without colliding with another car (Ryan's Porsche skidded off the road out of control and burnt) the Porsche 911 GT3 got fully engulfed in flames.

Frankly, it's the crashing of the Porsche 911 GT3 at 110 mph into a tree that's the part that seems most implausible. But that's mainly because we don't understand why anyone would want to destroy a car as beautiful as that, wrote Mike Spinelli, editor of Jalopnik. Obviously Ryan Dunn's death wasn't a hoax. But didn't you think - for even just a fleeting moment - that it just might be?