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Johnny Knoxville’s “Action Park” was previewed at Las Vegas’ CinemaCon on Tuesday. He is pictured at Tribeca Film Festival on April 18, 2016 in New York City. Getty

Las Vegas - Johnny Knoxville is dedicated to his craft, that much is sure after a preview for the latest incarnation of his “Jackass” movie franchise left him unconscious.

On Tuesday, Paramount Pictures released a first look at Knoxville’s upcoming feature “Action Park.” In the brief teaser, Knoxville can be seen working at the accident-prone theme park and helping a mother in distress.

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When the woman complains to him that her son has been stuck on a ride he gets run over by a motorbike and lays on the ground. Two minutes pass and he finally gets up to address the audience.

“Well, I hope you bastards at CinemaCon liked that one,” he quips as he blows a kiss.

“The Jackass brand has been a lot of things,” Paramount’s President of Domestic Distribution, Kylie Davies, said Tuesday, confirming Knoxville was knocked unconscious during the exclusive stunt. “‘Action Park’ pushes the boundaries of safety and decorum.”

“Action Park” only just started shooting so “Jackass” fans have some times before they can see Knoxville’s latest debauchery onscreen. “Action Park” is set to premiere March 23, 2018.