Conrad Murray -- the former personal physician of Michael Jackson who is currently serving out a four-year jail sentence for causing the singer's death -- can at least scratch one worry off his list.

Prosecutors for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office has withdrawn the request for restitution from Murray, following the family's decision not to pursue it, a spokesperson for the DA's office confirms to TheWrap.

No reason was given for the decision, and TheWrap's request for comment from the family's lawyer has not yet been answered.

But there's a good chance that the singer's kin realized that there was no way they would collect. During Murray's late November sentencing, prosecutors asked for restitution in excess of $100 million, an amount reflecting what Jackson would have made during a string of dates in London which the singer was rehearsing for at the time of his death.

During the sentencing, even the prosecutors conceded that it would be impossible for Murray to repay that amount.

Murray, who's appealing his involuntary manslaughter conviction, had his medical license suspended by the Medical Board of California earlier this month -- standard operating procedure for doctors who've been convicted of felonies.