Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes’ new movie did not cause tension with her rumored boyfriend. The actress is pictured attending the Delta Air Lines’ private performance with Julia Michaels to celebrate the 60th Annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 25, 2018. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Katie Holmes may have been featured in an awkward scene with Seth Green but the actress’ latest film did not cause tension between the “Family Guy” actor and her rumored boyfriend Jamie Foxx.

In the movie “Dear Dictator, ” Holmes’ character is having an affair with Green, who plays her “creepy” boss. The trailer, which featured a scene of Holmes lying down as Green licked her toes, prompted a photographer to ask the actor some questions about how the moment affected his life off-screen.

Despite the intimate scene, Green revealed the movie did not cause tension between himself and Foxx. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor spoke to TMZ about the funny scene and insisted he was simply acting.

When asked if Foxx called him out for getting too close to his rumored girlfriend, Green explained he has known the “Baby Driver” actor for a long time, and the two have no issues with one another.

Green went on to reveal that Holmes was a complete professional during the scene and he made sure she knew he took no pleasure in licking her toes.

Although it was an awkward encounter, the actor admitted that his scene didn’t make him feel completely uncomfortable because he enjoys playing “weird and damaged characters.”

In the movie, Holmes’ character plays the mother of a high school student who writes letters to a dictator. The tyrant eventually ends up at their doorstep and the mother and daughter allow him to stay in their home.

Although there are times Holmes’ roles require her to film some uncomfortable scenes, it doesn’t seem like her career would get in the way of her relationship with Foxx. Sources previously claimed the pair isn’t in an ordinary relationship.

“They don’t see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense and they don’t want to be labeled as a couple,” an insider told People.

“They don’t want to have expectations placed on them about how they should be acting in public, how often they should be seen together and what they should or shouldn’t mean to each other,” the source added.

Despite being photographed together on several occasions, Holmes and Foxx have not confirmed the extent of their relationship.