Jane The Virgin season 2
Gina Rodriguez stars as Jane Villanueva in the CW comedy "Jane the Virgin." The CW

The hit comedy series “Jane The Virgin” is on an extended winter break, but Season 2 promises to return with explosive new episodes in January. In “Chapter Thirty-One,” Rita Moreno returns to reprise her role as Liliana Dela Vega, Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) mother.

The CW has shared the trailer for “Jane The Virgin” Season 2, Episode 9. In the video, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) introduces her son to her grandmother. She then asks her “Glam-ma” how she’s doing, and Liliana drops a major bombshell. [scroll down for video]

“Your grandfather is gay, and he left me for a man.” she declares. Jane is clearly dumbfounded, but Rogelio is clearly the one who is taking the news badly. In a scene from the dinner table, the family gathers around and Rogelio attempts to say grace. Unfortunately, he’s so bothered by the revelation that he can’t help but make references to his father being gay.

While Rogelio deals with the news, the trailer also hints at other possible developments in the second half of the season. Jane and Michael (Brett DIer) are seen in an affectionate embrace. Meanwhile, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Petra (Yael Grobglas) are also seen doing the same. Could this indicate that Jane will finally choose Michael, and Rafael will get back together with Petra?

All this won’t be revealed until the series returns in late January. It also remains to be seen how well Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Liliana will get along this time around. In Season 1, Rogelio and Xo broke up after an explosive visit from Liliana.