Jane the Virgin
Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) will still appear in flashbacks in “Jane the Virgin.” The CW

“Jane the Virgin” fans, even those belonging to Team Rafael, still cannot get over the death of Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) this Season 3, and apparently, even Dier feels his character’s loss to this day.

“It was really hard,” Dier told the Gold Derby of his last few moments as Michael. “When I had to do the death scene, after that scene I cried because I was like ‘Wow, this is really happening. This is it.’”

The actor explained that after having played Michael for so long, it felt like the character was already an extension of himself. So losing him was like losing a part of himself. “He became a part of me,” he said. “Almost like a friend of mine. So knowing he was going to die, I really wanted to make each moment true. I wanted to commit even more to this guy and make it special.”

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Another thing that Dier sorely misses is his co-star Gina Rodriguez, who plays his onscreen wife Jane Gloriana Villanueva. Dier said Rodriguez is so supportive and inspiring that “there was no fear of failing with her.” “You feel so free and you don’t get in your head as much so you can actually commit to the role. Relationships like that in acting are very rare, so I will forever cherish those times with her. It was really cool,” he said.

Dier said they were lucky because the entire cast and crew of “Jane the Virgin” really felt like one huge family, and he hopes the same would be true in his next job. “They’re just very loving and I honestly feel like that set the tone for the rest of my career. To welcome people and have that love for what I do, and really just show it and not just be there to do a good job. I want to be there to do a good job and to be a good person. And they set the tone for that, for me,” he said.

Show creator Jennie Snyder Urman earlier said that fans have not seen the last of Michael, since he will still appear in flashbacks throughout the series. Urman told Vulture that she will still find ways to incorporate Michael into the storyline moving forward. “Oh, for sure. For sure. Exactly. In her fantasies. And you will feel him, I will say, very, very much, as we continue,” she assured fans.

Urman explained that the second part of Jane’s journey is where she’ll place Michael. Despite his death, he will still be with her every step of the way. “That is where we mine all of our dramatic material for this back half of the season. Underneath it all is Michael,” she explained. “Our show always starts with flashback, you know. It used to be to Jane’s youth. For the immediate future, it’s all flashing back to those three years, and how she put her life back together.”

“Jane the Virgin” Season 3 airs every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.