An earless bunny was born near Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, giving rise to fears that nuclear radiation leak is worse than expected and deformed human babies may be next in the list.

A YouTube video clip was posted by a member with the ID yuunosato titled, 'Earless Bunny Born After Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident.'

The translated description of the clip reads:

After the nuclear accident, government and the media said there was no immediate effect on the health. But in the town of Namie Tsushima, which is outside the 30 kilometer area or outside the mandatory evacuation zone, it happened. So far as there has been no news about this kind, it certainly makes one suspect that the government is deliberately making an effort to keep news of the radiation leak a secret. The rabbits, which are housed in an outdoor bunny pen, are eating wild grass, which resulted in earless bunny's birth. This is the first anomaly/deformation ever born. Life cycle of a bunny is quicker than humans. As I am wondering if humans will be the next victim, I imagine the future picture of human babies.

While some raised doubts about the credibility of the video, many voiced their concerns in the comments that followed.

Some of them are:
There will be more of these kinds found later. - sunflo127
I want to feel easy but everyday the situation becomes worse and there is no sign of improvement. There is nothing to feel easy about. - mikinish88
I heard that the possibility of leukemia and cancer may increase after the radiation leak. Is it true? - gaongeohnj
Thank you for the precious movie. We don't know if it is a coincidence or a human error. There is no sin in rabbit. We don't want to give up and prevent as much as possible. It's good if we keep our health as a result of it. If a baby without ears is born to you and someone you love, you can never get away with it. We can't say it's cute. - G0ingMerry
In the recent future, I guess Japanese children will become more like this. I am wondering how Tokyo Electric Power Company will react to this. - neoeliminator

What do you think? Will the radiation leak affect human beings as well?

Watch the video clip to see the earless bunny: