Typically when someone makes a mistake, they pay the consequences and learn a lesson -- but not Jared Fogle.

The former Subway spokesperson is currently serving a sentence of more than 15 years in federal prison on child porn charges, but that didn't stop him from sending risqué pictures and letters to his female pen pal from behind bars.

In one of the letters obtained by Radar Online, Fogle outlined his genitals and even included a few pubic hairs to go along with it.

"I hope you like them!" he wrote, followed by a request for his pen pal to return the favor.

The 42-year-old first gained notoriety when he became a spokesperson for Subway -- whom he attributed for his significant weight loss. He served in that role, participating in several ad campaigns, from 2000-2015 until the sandwich shop decided to cut ties.

"We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment," Subway tweeted on Aug. 18. 2015.

The tweet came a day before prosecutors and attorney's announced that Fogle pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and to crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. On Nov. 19, 2015, he was sentenced to 188 months with eligibility for parole after 13 years, according to NBC News.

"I want to redeem my life," the father of two said, his voice shaking with emotion as he wiped his eyes during his sentencing.

He hasn't exactly seemed to redeem himself, especially with the discovery of this scandalous pen pal letter, but at least the women are presumably no longer underage, and he's no longer cheating on his wife -- who finalized their divorce four days before he was sentenced.

Jared Fogle
Subway dropped Jared Fogle, pictured Nov. 5, 2010, as their spokesman. Getty Images/Michael Loccisano