Jeffrey Epstein, the sex offender, was found deceased in his jail cell, early on Saturday morning. It was immediately ruled a suicide. The wealthy financier waited for his trial on charges of sex trafficking involving minors.

The death of the 66-year-old came only hours after several comprehensive, but salacious court documents were publicized concerning his abuse of underage girls. The information also included accessories and abettors to the crimes.

Epstein has been linked to several significant figures in politics and the private industry, including the current president, Donald Trump, and the Clintons.

New details of the events leading to his death emerged, showing his death may have been the result of a sequence of systemic blunders. This is on the part of the Metropolitan Correctional Center and its staff.

The first thing is being taken from suicide watch. Epstein had been placed on suicide watch a month earlier after bruising was found on his neck. He was removed from the watch in late July.

He was returned to the Special Housing Unit going through psych evaluation, the result of which illustrated he was not a danger to himself. The personnel did not follow the usual protocol after that, which they had pledged to the justice department they would.

It is usual for the inmates who have previously been on suicide watch to be situated with others. At first, he was put in a cell with another inmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, but he was taken from the housing unit just hours before Epstein committed suicide.

The only entry points to the cell were a glass window and a metal door. The MCC guards are also meant to check on inmates within the MCC special housing one every half hour, but this was not the case on Friday night. This failure on the part of the guards is not yet apparent as well.

Bruce Barket, the lawyer representing Epstein’s cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione stated that his death was a silent act and no one heard anything.

The events read like a script from a conspiracy novel, though the medical examiner in charge of the autopsy stated she is yet to determine the cause of death officially. Barbara Simpson had already completed the autopsy under the observation of another pathologist, but she needed more time to give a conclusion.

Epstein’s mental condition, according to fellow inmates, was in disarray and paid little attention to himself.

prison-598851_640 prison Photo: pixabay