Prince Andrew's one-time friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has continued to face criticism over the past year for a variety of reasons. Leading up to the financier's 2019 death, the member of the British royal family had reportedly spent quite a bit of time with Epstein that led some to take a closer look at the two. Now, one of Epstein's accusers has made new allegations regarding both Epstein and the Duke of York.

According to The Mirror, Maria Farmer stated that Epstein had taken "at least two" girls from the U.K. to the U.S. on his private jet. This, she said, allowed them to be abused.

However, Farmer says that he did not act alone, as he, in fact, had worked with ­Ghislaine Maxwell in order to take that step. Calling her a "key co-conspirator," the accuser states that the information can be verified through flight logs.

Furthermore, she elaborated that she believes Maxwell has "gotten off scot free" up to this point and continues to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle while staying under the radar. At this time, Maxwell has denied all wrongdoing. 

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Farmer also discussed Prince Andrew, adding that she believes the Duke "had knowledge of... sexual trafficking and interaction with minors." For his part, he has also denied having any knowledge about what allegedly transpired regarding Epstein. 
Prior to the new allegations, Andrew has remained in the news for a variety of other reasons pertaining to the ongoing investigation. Not only have some of Epstein's victims demanded new information that could potentially incriminate him, but it has additionally been suggested that he could face new legal action if he is not "released" in certain documents. It has also been said that the royal has offered "zero cooperation" as police have continued to investigate the case. 

The dynamic between the two men has also been examined in other ways. Later this year, a new Netflix docu-series, titled "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," is set to explore the "horrifying story of relentless manipulation and sex trafficking." Additionally, a new book, called "Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein," was released earlier this year that highlighted some of Epstein's victims and "uncovered the scope of his sexually exploitative organization, which reached into the highest levels of American society." Prince Andrew Britain's Prince Andrew is pictured in January 2020. Photo: AFP/Lindsey Parnaby