Prince Andrew's one-time friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has faced a variety of critical remarks over the past year throughout the investigation into the late financier's life. Now, following the recent arrest of Epstein's former associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, one person is suggesting that the Duke of York take a specific step.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 16 of Epstein’s alleged victims, discussed the recent events at a press conference on Monday in Los Angeles.

During the appearance, as reported by the New York Post, Allred said that she believes Prince Andrew should speak to federal prosecutors in New York before Maxwell has a chance to do so herself. After stating that the indictment should scare the powerful men who allegedly had interactions with Epstein prior to his 2019 death, she elaborated on her stance.

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"My point is this, she knows quite a bit about the powerful men who were close to Jeffrey Epstein. Ms. Maxwell is the one who introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein," she said of Epstein's one-time confidant, who faces two counts of perjury in addition to four child sex-trafficking-related charges.

Allred added, "If I were Prince Andrew, I would want to speak to prosecutors before Ms. Maxwell speaks to the prosecutors. And the clock is ticking. She could decide to speak with them at any time." 

During Monday's conference, Allred also mentioned that Prince Andrew, who is the 60-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II, had no problem speaking about the allegations he faces during an interview on the BBC. However, that appearance was not under oath, which would present a major difference between the two acknowledgments of his past.

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New information surrounding Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein's former friendship has continued to emerge prior to Allred's suggestion. Not only has it been said that Epstein's victims could potentially sue the Duke if he is not "released" from certain documents, but "further controversy" and new legal action has also come to the surface. Additionally, Epstein's victims have requested that new details regarding the investigation be released.

At this time, Prince Andrew has continued to deny any wrongdoing surrounding his relationship with Epstein. As for Maxwell, she was transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday and is expected to have a court appearance later this week.