The Justice Department's investigation into the suicide of deceased financier and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in federal custody has turned up a new wrinkle. The DOJ announced Friday that a psychologist at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City had approved Epstein’s removal from suicide watch prior to his death.

Following what was believed to have been an initial attempt at his own life, Epstein was reportedly put on suicide watch. However, following his successful attempt earlier this month, it was quickly discovered that he had not been under watch at the time of his death, prompting outrage and further inquiry into the circumstances of the accused sex criminal’s imprisonment.

According to a three-page letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd obtained by Reuters, Epstein had indeed been placed on watch in July, putting him under constant monitoring by guards and fellow inmates.

However, Boyd further states that Epstein was “later removed from suicide watch after being evaluated by a doctoral-level psychologist who determined that a suicide watch was no longer warranted.”

The letter does not identify the psychologist who removed Epstein from suicide watch, or what their reasoning was for the decision. The letter does clarify that part of the suicide watch involved daily evaluation by a psychologist.

Attorney General William Barr has ordered the reassignment of the warden that was in charge of the facility at the time of Epstein’s death and the placement of two officers from Epstein’s unit on administrative leave.

Jeffrey Epstein befriended many politicians and celebrities over the years
Jeffrey Epstein befriended many politicians and celebrities over the years Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department / HO