British actor Rupert Everett poses at the world premiere of 'St Trinians' in London
British actor Rupert Everett is in hot water once again for offending the LGBT community. Reuters

Rupert Everett, the British actor who is known to put his foot in his mouth quite often, has gone and done it again. He has reportedly criticized Jennifer Aniston for starring in tasteless movies, in a recent interview to BBC Radio 4.

He has named Jennifer Aniston a star who is thrives on business and not due to any acting prowess or quality of work.

Rupert, who is known for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding and the recent St Trinian, was lamenting how gay actors never fare well in Hollywood and how he committed career-hampering mistake by coming out of the closet. Then moving on to how stars are made and the audience perception of one, Rupert Everett reportedly said that it is the people running the movie business who determine one becomes a star or not .

The actor said that stars like Aniston are mostly sustained by the business and not by the quality of their work or audience perception.

I'm not going to start naming names of people whose films have not succeeded at the box office, but you'll find there's lots of women and lots of men in the business that the powers that be decide are right for their business, and they'll stand with them for quite a long time, he explained.

Everett added, OK, something will go wrong, like Jennifer Aniston will have one too many total flops, but she's still a member of that club, and she will still manage to... like a star forming in the universe, things will swirl around her and it will suddenly solidify into another vital tasteless rom-com, you know, a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the highest paid actresses in the business. Her recent films The Switch, The Bounty Hunter and Love Happens failed to garner much success at the box office but Marley and Me did fairly well and raked in around $43 million at the box office.

Rupert Everett is known to never mince his words and in the process has offended many including Madonna, who he mentions in his autobiography, George Clooney, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Al Pacino. In short, he seems to have, in some way or the other, offended all the big names of Hollywood.

He recently dissed Americans saying that they were boring and were cribbers and that everyone talked like characters out of Friends and Sex and The City.