• Jennifer Aniston is celebrating Christmas with her friends
  • Jennifer Aniston did not reunite with Brad Pitt for the holidays
  • Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have not rekindled their romance

Jennifer Aniston recently shared a Christmas photo with some of her friends, sans Brad Pitt.

On her Instagram account, “The Morning Show” star shared a photo of herself making a funny face with her friends Courtney Cox, Laura Dern, Rita Wilson, and Chris McMillan.

“Say CHEESE!! Lotta love in that room. Happy holidays!” Aniston captioned the snap.

Fans of Aniston quickly flocked her Instagram account to greet the actress a Merry Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, Jennifer. I hope it’s a wonderful day for you,” Instagram user @knowles1212 said.

“Merry Xmas dear Jennifer Aniston. Tons of love, joy, and happiness for you and your family,” Instagram user @bbenetti86 said.

“Merry Christmas sweetie! May you have health and happiness in your life,” Instagram user @thana_trt_ said.

“Merry Christmas from France!” Instagram user @linda_tisopulot said.

Earlier this week, rumors swirled that Aniston and Pitt will be celebrating Christmas together. But the actress’s picture with her friends proved otherwise.

Rumors also claimed that Aniston and Pitt had a surprise wedding at the actress’ holiday party. But if the former couple tied the knot, Aniston should have already been posting photos with Pitt on her social media account.

Meanwhile, a source just revealed that reason why Aniston and Pitt have agreed to become friends even after their tumultuous divorce in 2005. The insider told US Weekly that it’s because they have agreed to bury the past.

Instead of focusing on what went wrong in their marriage, Aniston and Pitt have both decided to move forward.

“He’s taken responsibility. He’s tried to make amends. He didn’t realize the magnitude of the hurt he caused Jen at the time. He was so swept up in Angelina Jolie, he couldn’t see outside that tunnel,” the source said.

The insider also denied the reports that Aniston and Pitt are back together. The two are just friends, and they also share a real bond with each other.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are pictured attending the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 19, 2004, in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Kevin Winter