Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were seen bonding together after the death of their pet dog, Dolly. The former couple shared some moments supporting each other at a time of crisis.

“Jen doesn’t want to hold any grudges with anyone anymore, including her exes,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Jen is a very mature woman and the loss of Dolly was extremely tough but very moving for everyone as well including herself. So with this loss, she made sure that Justin was involved because they both loved Dolly so much. It’s very draining to hold such bad vibes about a person and that is why Jen is still friendly with Justin, especially in times of loss, and that is why she also got to a better place with Brad [Pitt].”

While there have been several rumors about Aniston's relationship, she plans on remaining just friends with Theroux. “It’s better for everyone to be friendly because they all share common friends and colleagues,” the source explained. “So it’s good to be in a good place with everyone and move forward positively even if a relationship isn’t attached to things. And, speaking of a relationship, this will not rekindle those [romantic] feelings They are just friends who honored their great friend, their wonderful dog Dolly.”

Following Aniston and Theroux’s break up, the actors kept their distance from one another. However, the recent incident reunited the two and they were also seen holding hands.

Aniston and Pitt's reunion rumors have been making the rounds despite repeated refutation on the matter. While fans held on to the idea of Aniston and Pitt rekindling their romance after his split with Angelina Jolie, the “Murder Mystery” actress has been linked to several other stars as well.