Jennifer Aniston allegedly spends hundreds of thousands a year for her well-being.

According to New York Times best-selling author Ian Halperin, the “Murder Mystery” actress spends $243,000 for her “inner and outer health.” Aniston uses loads of money for therapy, yoga and laser skin resurfacing, Daily Mail has learned.

Aniston remains one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood even if she’s already 50. According to the report, it doesn’t come cheap because the “Friends” star’s skincare regimen that includes high-end facial oils and serums already costs $1,581 a month. Her hair highlights cost $973.

Also, she reportedly works with top fitness instructors and she’s been spending around $3,892 a month. She also spends a similar amount for her diet coach and customized healthy meals.

Aniston also spends six figures a year for her clothes and travels which she believes are “key to staying young and curious.” By the looks of things, Aniston’s spendings are effective.

“Who would have thought that Jen would have ever looked better than Angelina Jolie? That shows you in life it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. I’m so happy for her,” a close pal of Aniston told Halperin.

Earlier this year, an insider said that Aniston was going on a surgery spree. Brad Pitt’s ex was very conscious of her lips and wrinkles that she was eager to get injectables and botox.

Aniston was a little sad at how quickly the years were rolling. She knew that people may judge her and she was ready and confident to be in control. However, her friends said that she has never gone overboard with it.

“It’s true that she’s never gone overboard with surgery, and her friends just hope it stays that way,” an insider said.

In related news, Aniston told her pals that she would never speak with Angelina Jolie. There were rumors that Pitt fell in love with Jolie while they were filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in 2004, a year before Pitt and Aniston got divorced in 2005.

Aniston already forgave Pitt and Jolie. According to the “Cake” actress, she is a “forgiving person” and “there’s nothing worse than holding a grudge.”