Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner reportedly asked Lindsay Shookus to end the affair she’s having with Ben Affleck. Pictured: The “13 Going 30” star attending a special screening of “Wakefield” at Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City on May 18, 2017. Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Jennifer Garner reportedly confronted Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, television producer Lindsay Shookus, to ask her if she could terminate the affair she was having with the “Justice League” actor. The confrontation took place years ago when Garner found out about the secret romance between the two. However, it is only coming to light this week.

On Tuesday, a source close to former Hollywood A-list couple Affleck and Garner revealed to Us Weekly that the 45-year-old actress had actually attempted to nip the problem in the bud by speaking directly with Shookus about the affair. According to the source, Garner asked the “Saturday Night Live” producer to end whatever she was having with the “Batman” star.

Unfortunately, Shookus was unfazed by Garner’s words and even told the latter that she does not have a say on the romance she was sharing with her husband. “Lindsay said she’d only stop if Ben asked her to,” the source said. This was then the “breaking point” for the mother-of-three.

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Another insider spoke with People and disclosed that “Lindsay refused to back down or quit the affair” even after Garner asked her to. Garner apparently then turned to Shookus’ ex-husband, Kevin Miller, when she found out about the affair. Garner reportedly had a conversation with Miller after appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” where the latter is currently working as a supervising producer.

During their conversation, Garner exposed Shookus’ affair to her ex-husband by showing to him the text messages between Affleck and Shookus. However, Miller may not have been interested with Shookus’ life since they have already split at the time. To be exact, Shookus and Miller ended their marriage in 2014, while Garner appeared on Meyers’ show early last year.

Although many are claiming that it was Affleck’s affair with Shookus that drove Garner to end her 10-year marriage with the actor, there are also others who think otherwise. An anonymous tipster divulged to Us Weekly that “Ben and Jen had a ton of other problems” that caused them to separate.

Affleck and Garner announced their separation in June 2015. They filed for divorce in April of this year. Multiple sources claim that Affleck started having an affair with Shookus three years ago. However, someone close to Affleck fired back that the actor and the television producer have only been dating for three months now.