• Jennifer Lopez said there was a "genuine love" between her and Ben Affleck
  • Ben Affleck calls ex Jennifer Lopez the "real deal"
  • Ben Affleck did not want to divorce wife Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez had no regrets about her romance with ex Ben Affleck.

The “Batman v Superman” star spoke about his old love, Lopez, in his interview with The New York Times. Affleck even called the “Hustler” star the “real deal,” so we revisit what Lopez said about her ex-fiancé.

Prior to Affleck marrying Jennifer Garner, the first Jennifer in his life was Lopez. Affleck and Lopez’s tandem gained a massive following even if social media wasn’t very popular at the time. Their fans dubbed them “Bennifer.”

In 2014, Lopez told “Today” that Affleck was her “first big heartbreak,” E! News reported. In 2015, she also told Huffington Post that she had no regrets about what happened to her and the “Argo” actor.

“I would do it all over again, I think. I really would. Even the relationship part,” Lopez said. “I just feel like everything is part of your story and your journey and is meant to be and helps you grow if you're willing to look at it, and I'm willing to look.”

Affleck and Lopez were together for 18 months before they decided to call it quits in 2004. Lopez reconnected with her ex Marc Anthony and the two tied the knot six months later. However, she still carried a torch to her ex-fiance even saying that what they had was a “genuine love.”

“I think different time different thing, who knows what could’ve happened, but there was a genuine love there,” Lopez told People about her reflections.

In 2012, Affleck told The Hollywood Reporter that he still keeps in touch with his exes including Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and high school sweetheart, Cheyenne Rothman. According to Garner’s ex-husband, they don’t rely on each other for advice, but they celebrate each other’s success.

When Lopez got on “American Idol,” he sent her a message telling her it was smart and wishing her “good luck.” He added that he is very pleased with Lopez’s success.

Meanwhile, Affleck revealed that he didn’t want to divorce Garner. He admitted that he never thought that the would be divorced and was upset and disappointed with himself.

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Jennifer Lopez’s best friend Leah Remini talked about the "Booty" singer's love life during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday. Getty Images/Kevin Winter