• Franklin Graham reacted to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl halftime performance
  • Facebook users have mixed reactions to Franklin Graham's post about JLo an Shakira's performance
  • Melania Trump was spotted with husband Donald Trump sans son Barron 

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime performance was criticized.

Franklin Graham wasn’t impressed with Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance and aired his disappointment on Facebook. The conservative slammed Pepsi and NFL after the duo’s performance, saying that it was “showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay.”

Graham’s post garnered mixed reactions from the netizens. Many understood his point and agreed with the President of Samaritan’s Purse while some also defended Lopez and Shakira.

“So glad you posted this!!! I turned it off. So sad class acts aren't selected for the halftime show. It's like talent is lacking so they have to depend on women showing their bodies in a vulgar way. Disappointed and frustrated that anyone, especially kids, have to be subjected to a lack of good judgement on entertainment. Kids are so easily influenced. Peer pressure is so strong,” Debbie Wood commented on Graham’s post.

“I agree. Adult shows should not have any place on family TV,” Reba Brown added.

Lugena Gooch felt that what Lopez and Shakira did was “too little actual pole dancing” and the act seemed to encourage teenagers that it was okay to be a stripper. Several also said that they were disgusted and disappointed with Lopez and Shakira.

Meanwhile, many also opined that the performance was fine. Some even defended the performers, with one asking if the same issue was brought up when Adam Levine was doing his stripper show last year. Joe Beardemphl added that there are many people “who pick and choose what and who are immoral.”

“For anyone thinking J Lo or Shakira weren’t classy, weren’t covered enough, or inappropriate. We all need to realize there are cultures out there that do things different and we can’t ‘white centric’ everything or be so close minded to art within different cultures. The ignorance of the Christian religion is showing,” Travis Collins commented.

Meanwhile, Andrea Jefferson of Political Flare attacked Graham for his remarks about Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl’s performance because in the past, he described Melania Trump as “classy.” The publication then shared scandalous photos of the first lady and added that Melania was a “former nude model” and “trophy wife.”

In related news, Melania was spotted with Trump sans son Barron last Friday. The POTUS and FLOTUS were holding hands while leaving the White House, prompting fans to ask where Barron was at the time.