Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history with their halftime performance during Super Bowl LIV, but one small detail has viewers upset with the Latina entertainers. 

During a press conference for the championship game on Thursday, Jan. 30, Shakira teased that they would pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, who passed away in a helicopter crash a few days prior. 

"We’ll all be remembering Kobe on Sunday and celebrating life and diversity in this country," the "Hips Don't Lie," singer said according to Us Weekly. "I’m sure he’d be very proud to see the message we are trying to convey on stage that day."

When it came time for the performance, though, many viewers couldn't even point out which moment was supposed to be a tribute. 

"Could’ve sworn I saw a post saying the NFL was going to honor Kobe Bryant at the halftime performance of the super bowl," one Twitter user wrote.  

One even accused the duo of using the former Lakers player's death as a way to garner more publicity for their performance.

"So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira used that they were doing a tribute to Kobe Bryant as an excuse to get their views up during the halftime show not only that but then they proceeded to do NO Kobe Bryant tribute like they said they would...but are we surprised? #HalftimeShow," another user quipped. 

The blink and you'll miss it moment happened just as JLo was joined on stage by her 11-year-old daughter Emme. As the mother daughter-duo sang a mashup of "Let's Get Loud" and Springsteen's "Born In The USA," an overhead shot of the football field showed a large cross lit up in purple and gold. 

The halftime tribute wasn't the only one that occurred at Super Bowl LIV though. Before kick-off, both teams lined up on their respective 24-yard lines and had a moment of silence for the NBA legend.